Monday, January 10, 2011


The sky is so bright,
Streets are full of lights.
Perhaps it is a festival.
It’s dark at night, but the fireworks explode in the sky.
The dark is like a perfect background.
Fireworks dance like passionate dancers!
They are shining in the sky,
like shooting stars
     Some are like thousands of red silky threads jumping across the sky.
Some are like pretty daisies prancing with lights
                                                        My favorite is the one that is like a huge waterfall
                                                      with pearl-like-color light under.
                                                       The fireworks are so gorgeous and glamorous.
                                                     They are like giant magnetics,
                                                      absolutely caught my eyes.

                                                      People set the fireworks.
                                                      The White House has a very pretty looking with the lights,
                                                     like a lotuses emerges from the water.
                                                      The fireworks make the night so fantastic.
                                                      The ground is not that dark.
                                                         It is brightened by the firework.
                                                    I am in love with it.
                                                    Revel in it.

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