Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Scale

On the way to growing up, there is always something that is meaningful to us. For different people, there are different things which do not have to be significant, but are memorable for them. For me, there is one special of them thing, I call it “my scale,” a height scale on the wall. I know a lot of people have it  because it is not only a scale, but also records the memories of different time periods.
I used to live with my paternal grandparents before sixth grade. My grandparents' house is an old condominium in a military base, because my grandpa worked in the military. In this old condominium, the poor walls were destroyed by my drawings. I remember I drew birds on the wall, because I thought that the wall looked like the sky. Compared to all of these drawings, my scale is pretty outstanding as it is made of tons up of pencil lines drawn by me or my parents.