Monday, January 10, 2011


The sky is so bright,
Streets are full of lights.
Perhaps it is a festival.
It’s dark at night, but the fireworks explode in the sky.
The dark is like a perfect background.
Fireworks dance like passionate dancers!
They are shining in the sky,
like shooting stars
     Some are like thousands of red silky threads jumping across the sky.
Some are like pretty daisies prancing with lights
                                                        My favorite is the one that is like a huge waterfall
                                                      with pearl-like-color light under.
                                                       The fireworks are so gorgeous and glamorous.
                                                     They are like giant magnetics,
                                                      absolutely caught my eyes.

                                                      People set the fireworks.
                                                      The White House has a very pretty looking with the lights,
                                                     like a lotuses emerges from the water.
                                                      The fireworks make the night so fantastic.
                                                      The ground is not that dark.
                                                         It is brightened by the firework.
                                                    I am in love with it.
                                                    Revel in it.

Smash it!

You are not ugly, deformed or ill-looking.
Somehow, people hate you so much.
They hit you, beat you, and slap you as hard as they can.
What is wrong with you?

You look cute to me, like a huge-scoop of ice-cream.
You are passed on by many people, but do not melt.
You are difficult to punch,
That is why people like to hit you to relieve themselves.

You are smashed, as you fly like a bullet.
People jump up to slap you,
Bang! You are punched back again.
“I am so dizzy,flying back and forth in the air”, you complain.

That’s how the game goes,
intense, vigorous, crazy!
I love you, volleyball.

I am...

I'm a bird spiraling around the temples

I'm a leaf falling from the tree

I consider my self as a lotion to moisturize your skin

I'm a dice to be rolled by a man

I'm a cello plays powerful sounds

I wish I am your light, therefore you won't feel dark and lonely

I'm a clock to tell you how short our life is

I'm so-called love, never happen between me and him

I want quality but not quantity

Hopeful become somber

sadness is wiped away

Where is happiness?


I knew you from the first autumn of my life.
The breeze flew through my hair.
You admired my beauty simply.
We sang together under a tree,
while it was raining.
How romantic.

You kissed me in the second autumn since we met.
We dated on a bright night.
It is dark in the woods,
the moon lightened us.
Like the strong lights lighten us on a dark dance stage.
You said: “we will get married someday.”
I said “Yes, I am here waiting for you.”

On the third autumn,
I snuggled in your arms.
My heart felt so warm like milk chocolate.
We were whispering to the stars.
You made a wish that we will stay together forever.
I said : “I will never stop loving you.”

The forth autumn was coming with drizzle.
My sorrow showed through
You wiped the tears from my eyes.
“I hate leaving, but there is no choice.”
You said, “I cannot imagine the life without you.”

The clouds were so pleased,
when I met you in last autumn.
We sang together again,
It was not as beautiful as before.
This is our last autumn together.
I left…
Your singing and beauty will remain in my mind, forever.
Until the last second in my life.

I knew you from the first autumn of my life.
The breeze flew through my hair.
You admired my beauty simply.
We sang together under a tree,
while it was raining.
How romantic.
Never happen again.


I am the lollipops,
always stick in kids’ hands.
They can never live without me.
I am the lollipop,
watching a lovely couple kissing,
feel the love all around them.
I am the lollipop luckily picked by a little boy
who spends a quarter for me.
I  am the lollipop thrown by a little girl,
because there are so many of me in the Halloween basket.

I am a strawberry lollipop,
always very popular in the world.
I am a mango lollipop,
I feel sorry because
you can merely taste an artificial flavor from  me.
I am a caramel lollipop,
thawing in your mouth.
I am the chocolate lollipop,
I am the biggest love of all kids.
I am an ice-cream lollipop,
imagine me in your mind,
I am sure that you have never seen me before.

Though I am just a small lollipop,
everybody wants me in the creative writing class.
Yes! I am just a lollipop,
I know you want me
when you get gloomy from being alone.
I love being a lollipop,
I am making people feel happy and lovely in this world.